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.... comprehensive contractual consulting services are targetted to allow Stakeholders to reduce risk and uncertainty in their capital programs by thorough establishment (and verifcation) of baseline conditions bound then to be delivered upon. Milugem will work closely with our clients to review the details of a project, establish and evaluate objectives, assess the process, identify obstacles, and resolve problems.

We use our expertise in Project and Corporate controls to allow you to deliver on your goals.

Project Accounting, Financial & Risk Analysis-

assists clients with balancing the contingencies of risk with specific contractual, financial, operational and organizational requirements. By identifying potential risks, reviewing profitability, and utilizing economic assumptions during the pre-contractual phase, we assist our clients in preventing increased costs, delays, and disruptions.

Claims and Dispute Support-

Before any unfortunate event related to an engineering or construction claim does occur Milugem will audit to ensure that the prescribed Dispute Resolution Methods ('DRM's') are appropriate. Great cost burden and disruption will be avoided by adopting suitable and relistic DRMs from the outset.

Milugem will provide substantive support and assist with the review, preparation and management of construction claims (Claimant and/or Respondent). By analyzing the contract documents and the parties’ performance throughout the project duration Milugem identifies the parties’ entitlement and causes of impact.

Contract Engineering.

Corporate and Internal Counsel Support.

Ad Hoc and Interim Support - Controls. 

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